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DESC: This is a website that started to provide complete and detailed updates for two videogames inspired by the mythical Sensible Soccer for first: Andreas Osswald's Championship Soccer and the Yoda Soccer project: while the first is a very masterpiece for the lovers of the Sensible style game, programmed with a lot of detail and provided with an incredible editing capability, the second is still in a very beginning phase, even if the "engine" of the game has been realized, anyway it has the merit to be completely freeware and opened to the community contributions. For these reasons, providing my updates, that will start form CONCAF and South America leagues to arrive to the more complexes and elaburated european leagues, I want to provide every database update both in Championship Soccer version and Yoda Soccer version, hoping that this updates could result usueful and that will be possibile to put together the efforts of many persons to realize more and more complex and refined database for these two games. The objective of this site is to update the old-style soccer games, as Kickoff and its clones.

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